Hide Your Web Identity: What is Anonymous Proxy Servers?

Hide Your Web Identity: What is Anonymous Proxy Servers?

Using a free proxy site can hide your web identity while doing a web scrapping. An anonymous proxy server is a server which operates through a web form so that any web request is first filtered through the proxy server form to make your identity hidden.

Installing up your computer with an anonymous proxy is not hard. Actually, you can simply use the internet like you normally would by using a proxy website compared to setting up first the address of the proxy server in the web browser.

Anonymous Proxy Servers: How does it Work?

One of the purposes of using an anonymous proxy server is to increase your web privacy by hiding the public IP address which was given by your internet service provider and sending all the traffic through dissimilar public servers and IP addresses.

Proxy sites can also prevent content blocks which some webpages place a restriction depending on the country’s law and government. If the webpage thinks that the web request is coming from the supported country, there’s no need for the proxy to block it. But for example, if the website only works for Americans, then you can use an American proxy server to load the webpage.

Likewise, a proxy server is also useful when you’re on a network that blocks a certain website (for example in organizations or schools) but doesn’t block the actual proxy site. To unblock it, you can simply use the proxy site as a doorway to access the restricted website.

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Anonymous Proxy Server to Look For

When deciding which anonymous proxy server is reliable, always look for a legitimate company and one that can give good and fast service. Moreover, using an anonymous proxy server in web browsing does not run the same as the usual web browsing, because using proxies might be a little slower due to the translation of some rules involved which passes thru the proxy server set up.

In addition, if you use proxies frequently, it is recommended to upgrade your plan from a free proxy to a paid one which offers higher performance, internet speed, and a good quality service assurance.

The Difference between Proxy Site and a VPN

An anonymous proxy site and virtual private network (VPN) are not the same with each other. They have different functionalities, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages. An anonymous proxy site only handles web traffic that passes thru the browser by the use of a proxy site. VPN, on the other hand, enables you to install it in the entire device which includes different applications and programs as well as non-web internet traffic.