All About anti counterfeiting and brand protection

Protecting your brand from misrepresentation is a worldwide test in every endeavor, as shady market exercises and counterfeiting typically bring poor item performance, an unhappy customer experience, and lost business – all of which can essentially affect the esteem of the market and, ultimately, damage the brand. Significant brands across the globe are currently executing secure and associated RFID anti-counterfeiting responses to protect their products from misrepresentation – from inception and across the entire store chain to the retail location. Know more about anti counterfeiting and brand protection

Authenticate carefully from production to purchase

The trust requirement is paramount in all business applications, cycles, and buyers. Buyer products and merchandise are currently utilizing secure and recognizable proofing innovation to protect their brands, prevent theft and provide advanced item verification from creation to purchase. Hidden Trusted Tag Services provides a trusted Internet of Things (IoT) experience between brands and their buyers. In addition, the lengthy security highlights in HID’s Cloud Authentication Service provide a valid view of the brand from the time of creation, through each progression of the dissemination cycle, and to the buyer’s business.

Add trust while enhancing the brand experience

Of equal significance, significant brands can use the associated IoT universe to consistently attract customers post-transaction and to build and strengthen brand dedication. Regardless of the industry, fake parts or merchandise show how the customer connects with a brand. With the latest advancements in HID’s Trusted Label Services, you can embed brand protection and item confirmation into every component of the item’s lifecycle and add confidence to buyer engagement.

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