Understanding alternative medicine: 5 key points

Understanding alternative medicine: 5 key points

The phrase “alternative medicine” is becoming less and less alternative every day, although this remains a very controversial issue. Since this concept penetrates the mainstream of American culture, it is important to clearly understand what types of drugs legally fall into this category. This phrase has become universal for any medical practice that is not considered part of traditional or traditional medicine. Skeptics would say that the definition makes people vulnerable to fraud or direct fraud.

Here are five key points that indicate that a alternative medicine honolulu hiparticular method or practice is worth your time and money:

  1. Alternative medicine is holistic. Best practices, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies, refer to the body as an interconnected system. No discomfort or illness is isolated in a specific area of ​​the body, so make sure your specific alternative medicine doctor recognizes that what happens in one part of the body affects the entire body.
  1. Alternative medicine is individual. According to the idea that the body is a complex group of connected systems, most forms of alternative medicine honolulu hi prescribe specific medications for the patient. Two people can have the same status and receive a very different treatment. Be tired if the treatment is presented as a kind of miracle cure that works for everyone.
  1. Alternative medicine is documented. If you are not sure about a particular method or practice, just do a little research. The most established forms have their roots in centuries-old traditions. Even the most modern forms work in daylight and should have some information that explains the methods.
  1. Alternative medicine is natural. A common feature of most modalities is that it includes natural remedies. The philosophy is that with the help of substances found in nature, or through the body’s natural ability to repair itself, it can solve almost any health problem. Everything that is too far from nature, but claims to be an alternative medicine, was probably rejected by traditional medicine and, therefore, does not fall into any category.
  1. Alternative medicine works. The easiest way to determine if a practice is fraudulent is to seek feedback from others. Alternative methods have been the focus of attention long enough to provide convincing evidence in the form of patient feedback. Ask your friends about their experiences. Ask for links to a professional. If none are available, you can search for a doubtful method.


Although this is a minefield of schemes that do not really help your well-being, the vast majority of alternative medicine professionals sincerely care to help you improve your health.