A service not just limited to teeth cleaning:

A service not just limited to teeth cleaning:

If you are living in Lynwood or around the area and you need a clinic which can provide you general dentistry, you will not be disappointed to pay a visit to the high-end office and that is West Coast Dental office of Lynwood. The office only employs doctors who are specialists and are able to maintain the highest standards of possible treatment. They have earned years of experience in the field, and the service is not just limited to ordinary tasks of teeth cleaning. They have all specialities under one office under one roof which includes:


Family Dentistry

Emergency dental services

Oral surgery

Cosmetic dentistry Lynnwood service

You just have to fill the patient form, explain your medical history and submit for an oral examination. They take X-rays that are only digital avoiding exposure to radiations. They may also take help by using an intraoral camera which helps to get a view closer to look inside the mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry Lynnwood

From teeth cleaning to root canals to fluoride treatment, they perform all of the required procedures that one would be expecting from a dental service. They also screen patients if they have oral cancer and they fill cavities if any, often with considering the choice of tooth-coloured fillings. If you really want to prevent cavities, you can request for a sealant over the back teeth. There are many other products and services which includes:

Dental crowns and bridges

Veneers and lumineers

Cosmetic dentistry

Dental implants

Partial or full dentures

If a patient feels the need for a tooth extraction, before they fit his or her with dentures, this will not be a problem for the oral surgeon who is in the offices. Veneers are kind of thin porcelain shells which are meant to not just improve the smiles and covering the cracks and if the case requires they can enlarge small teeth. Note that it might be needed to scrape some of the enamel away before finally laying down the veneers or such called crowns.