Fun Facts About Kangaroos

Fun Facts About Kangaroos

A Kangaroos is a marsupial that is indigenous to the continent of Australian. The scientific name of kangaroos is Macropus. It originated from Greek words implying makros pous, which means long foot. Their vastly unique traits are their huge hind legs, big feet, and massive tail. kangaroos in the wild near melbourne are unusual, they are the only creatures of their magnitude that practice hopping as their fundamental means of activity.

Fast Facts

Common Names are Kangaroo and Roo

Scientific Name is Macropus

Order: Diprotodontia

Differentiating Characteristics are big hind legs, big feet, huge tails and females have a pouch

Animal Group: Mammals

Weight: approximately 50 to 200 pounds

Height: 3 feet to 7 feet

Diet: They are Herbivore

Life Span: nearly 8 years to 23 years

The population of kangaroos is nearly 40 million to 50 million

Habitat is plains, forests, woodlands, savannas particularly in Tasmania and Australia

Conservation Status of smallest worry

A Fun Fact

Just like camels, kangaroos can go for a long duration of time and not drink water.

Description of kangaroos

Kangaroos are recognized for their strong and athletic hind legs, they have huge feet, and extended dominant tails. Kangaroos employ their feet and legs to jump around, this is their basic normal of motion, and they use their tails for maintaining balance. Like many other marsupials, the female kangaroos have a strong pouch for bringing up their young. This pouch is named a marsupium and it attains a multitude of tasks. The breasts of female kangaroos, that she wields to care for her young, are also inside her baby pouch. This also acts like an incubator that allows a joey (kangaroo baby) to develop fully. The pouch also has a defense function in which it assists to safeguard the female’s baby from any predators.