How does a school bus tracking system save money for the school management

How does a school bus tracking system save money for the school management

India is a vast country with a lot of differences in opinions. But one thing that each and every citizen in our country can agree upon is that child safety is of absolute importance. The safety of our students is paramount. And the introduction of GPS trackers for school buses will be a boon to parents and school management alike.

In the case of parents and the students themselves, the advantages are rather obvious – safety. You would know where your child is at that exact moment and can know when he/she arrives. And in case of an emergency, actions will be taken immediately. This will give parents peace of mind and comfort knowing that their ward are safe and sound.

And from the point of view of school management, they can use this technology to their advantage too. Safety is important to them too. But there are other aspects to look at as well. Using the tracking system they can save a lot of time.

 school bus tracking system

We all know about the travelling salesman problem. How can this salesman travel to all the various parts of the city to sell his product in a short amount of time? The bus drivers face the same problem. They have to minimize the time taken. They have to abide to the rules of traffic, since driving fast is not an option with fifty something students on board.

Enter GPS system. This Google software helps in identifying the shortest path to take which would help drivers reach all dropout points. And this brilliant technology also uses its various tracking devices to identify the roads where the traffic is more or if it is even safe to travel.

This of course, helps in reducing the travel time.  The drivers might be well experienced with roads and routes, but it does enhance the travel experience for him too. He can rely on the software in case of an emergency or in any adverse situation.

Saving time is of at most importance. No student wants to spend hours on the vehicle, no driver wants to drive around for a long time and be stuck in traffic. The school management can track the whole thing and see to it that the students reach home on time before the evening traffic hits them. This saves them a lot of time and anxiety.

And in this day and age, time equals money. When fuel has become as precious as gems, the school management cannot afford to aimlessly take longer routes to the various houses or wasting fuel waiting in traffic and on signals. This can also help in identifying if the vehicles has any issues that needs to be fixed immediately. If the bus undergoes breakdown in the middle of the route, dealing with angry parents is one thing. Along with that they also have to deal with the cost to repair it which would inevitably be high. To avoid all this chaos, GPS trackers provide a simple warning. This feature would be a huge relief and saves up a lot of time and precious money.

The system is easy to install and would be a worthwhile investment on the school’s part. Safety measures are followed and along with that they save money. It’s a win-win situation that would benefit all parties involved.