Women’s pants: How to choose pants for your figure?

Women’s pants: How to choose pants for your figure?

We are slowly coming to the most interesting issue. How do you determine which pants suit all of me? And here I give a second tip — your figure and why. The cut of the  jogger pants alone does not mean anything, but the individual nuances visible in the cut will affect whether the pants fit your figure or not.

The nature of the pants

All pants can be divided according to the style of stylization that will allow us to create. It should be mentioned here:

Elegant trousers –

They have a rather classic character (cigarillos, tubes, straight-cut jogger  pants) and are great for business and everyday stylizations. They are universal.

 Loose-fitting pants – 

In this category, I would include all leggings, structured or striped knit trousers, linen or 100% cotton trousers, joggers, and stripes (although sometimes these stripes can be presented quite elegantly), corduroy trousers ( they are more fashionable than elegant), sweatpants and cargo type trousers.

Party pants

velvet, velour, shiny pants, and distinctive color or pattern.

Leg width

This is the aspect that women have the most questions about. In this case, I would divide all women’s pants into:

Tailored pants – all skinny pants, slim fit or skinny pants, and of course leggings and joggers;

Straight and classic-cut trousers – cigarillos, chinos, suit trousers;

 Wide trousers – “collate,” swede, palazzo pants.

Color / pattern

Women’s pants can be:

 Smooth – in uniform, base, subdued or vivid color;

 Patterned – often plaid, geometric, floral, or abstract patterns.

Type of belt finish

 Smooth construction around the waist, without any decorations;

More complicated construction – trousers with pleats, pleats, binding, and wrinkling at the waist.

Choose medium or high waist trousers.

High-waited women’s pants are often chosen by women with a clearly defined waist (the difference between waist and hips is 25-30 cm and more). Sometimes a similar condition can also help cover up your tummy. In addition, high-waisted pants optically lengthen the legs.