Installing the Septic Tank

Installing the Septic Tank

Installing a septic tank is a fairly simple process, but owners should remember that zoning rules, rules and regulations exist to ensure that the entire septic system is installed correctly. To ensure compliance with these rules and that the system is properly designed for the facility in question, it is recommended that you hire a designer or contractor who is familiar with all local, state, and federal codes.

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These guidelines are set to protect public health by ensuring that the water supply is not contaminated with wastewater from faulty septic systems. This is the reason why qualified professionals are the only people authorized to service or install septic tanks. Therefore, the goal is to maintain the integrity of septic systems for a long time so that they do not affect our health and safety, becoming defective. Therefore, compliance with the established rules for the septic tank installation orlando fl is paramount.

Installing a septic tank is not a DIY project. EPA rules require that only licensed contractors install or repair septic systems. All projects and plans must also be approved by local health or construction departments. After installation is complete, the system should be inspected and approved by the building inspector.

The EPA code contains information on how far from your home, as well as from neighboring homes and homes, the septic tank should be. It should also be away from drinking water sources. The drainage field must also meet certain specifications, which depend on the size of the tank and the soil properties on the site.

There are also rules regarding how deep the tank can be placed. Sewer gases can escape into the atmosphere if the tank is at shallow depths. This can cause unpleasant odors not only for you, but also for your neighbors. Also, you do not want to dig it deep, as this can cause problems if repairs or maintenance are required. Most septic tanks are buried approximately three feet from the top of the tank to the final level.

As stated above, a good designer / contractor can help any owner navigate the rules and regulations necessary to ensure proper installation. It is also a good idea to get design proposals from two or three different installation companies to compare prices and design ideas.


Any good installation of a septic tank will begin with the design process. A properly designed system will comply with all applicable standards and regulations and will be integrated with the design of the house before the land is destroyed.