The main task of the International Baccalaureate program is to educate future students who are open to everything new, able to independently master knowledge and be a responsible member of society. Such a student:

  • inquisitive – he always strives for something new, is ready to study new questions for him, cognitive activity for him is not a requirement of a mentor, but a personal hobby;
  • thinker – the international schools in singapore program teaches to think reasonably, gives the concept of logic and analysis. Teachers teach how to make informed and ethical decisions to difficult problems;
  • sociable – the student learns at least 2 languages ​​during the IB;
  • principled – in the classroom, students are taught to be fair and honest, to respect the rights and feelings of other people;
  • open-minded – the program teaches without prejudice to treat all nationalities and cultures, its task is to educate a future member of a global world society, where skin color or sexual orientation does not matter;
  • Caring – Students are taught caring, empathy, and empathy. The program educates people with a capital letter, who are ready to serve for the good of society;
  • ready to take risks – IB teaches fresh thinking, willingness to innovate and unconventional conditions;
  • knows how to find a balance- the program teaches how to balance all the components of our life – intellectual, physical and emotional.

Admission to the IB program and obtaining a diploma is a great opportunity for further education. These are open doors to the best universities in the world, the acquisition of many abilities that will help each student in their future studies, work and everyday life.