How to write a resume Singapore

How to write a resume Singapore

  1. Start with a good overview

Think about an overview of promoting elevators. What do you say if you lift it to the recruiter on the first line of your CV and it only took 6 seconds?

The outline is the first part of your CV. Easily describe your overall experience, accomplishments, and qualifications in short lines. This way hiring managers can understand what they have accomplished so far and their near-term career goals.

When you get the question on how to write resume singapore, there are multiple solution. Firstly, Fill in the most awesome information yourself! An overview, professional history, expertise, or expertise to determine your major or past accomplishments.

  1. List your area of ​​expertise

This includes technical and operational skills, strengths, and expertise.

By highlighting them on your CV, the hiring manager can better understand your professional skills and experience in your previous role.

  1. Emphasis on internship experience, projects, and extracurricular activities

Do you have practical experience? No problem.

Instead, you should focus on internship experiences, part-time jobs, projects, extracurricular activities, and participatory community service. Whether you are an individual or a member of a team, you should describe the key roles you play, the skills and abilities you have developed, and the main accomplishments you have achieved.

  1. Includes links to the professional profile’s portfolio of social media accounts

Hiring Managers and Hiring Managers You can also find out more about yourself through your LinkedIn profile, social media profile, personal portfolio website, or blog.

  1. Concise and clear

For someone without full-time work experience, a 4 page CV is useless!

Keep your resume short, concise, and neat. Avoid using unnecessary information that does not support your career goals or contradict the position you are submitting.