Right way to choose the long stem rose bouquet

Right way to choose the long stem rose bouquet

Long-stem roses are the final gift for a special event due to their beautiful and glamorous appearance. The longer stems are particularly suited for arrangement in a vase and have helped to make them the preferred flower for occasions that require a presentation that makes an impact. Above everything, these cheap roses singapore give themselves well to packing in an elegant floral package, adding a touch of elegance to the delivery.

Stem Size

Some roses are produced with stems up to 6 feet long. These super-sized rose stems need special tall vases that add a stunning, almost non-worldly aspect to any room. For an arrangement that does not need additional room in the recipient’s home, select a shorter “long” stem—one that is 24″ to 36″ long.

Bouquet Size

Next, consider the number of roses you want to send. One makes a clear but strong point that is delivered in person. If you want to make a dramatic impact, consider sending one, two, or even three dozen cheap roses singapore with flora highlights.

Color of the rose

Now, decide the color you’d like to give away. Over the years, the deep red rose has become a symbol of loyalty, devotion, and affection, but consider the personal preferences and dislikes of your recipient when choosing the color of your bouquet. You may also give a greeting with other colors of roses.

Type of vase

First, decide the sort of vase you want to give your gift to. Roses look especially beautiful in a floral gift box attached to a satin bow, which can be a wonderful surprise if you give a gift to someone who already has a special vase. If not, suggest a vase that does not overshadow the elegance of the flowers.