Property Planning Lawyer: Plan ahead to avoid inheritance issues

Property Planning Lawyer: Plan ahead to avoid inheritance issues

Estate Planning Counsel can help people create a final testament or create a trust fund to protect their hereditary assets in the event of death. It is important to choose a lawyer who will listen to your wishes and give you solid advice on developing strategies that will be useful for the designated beneficiaries. A colleague recently hired a real estate planner to help her with her mother’s property for an incurable illness. Although her mother was not a rich woman, she owned a house, a car, had financial portfolios and life insurance policies.

Estate planning legal service in boulder was transferred through a credit union to his mother. A serious family struggle took place in the family, and her mother wanted to deprive one of her children from the inheritance. The estate planner fulfilled a simple will and developed strategies to prevent the passage of property through real estate Due to the nature of the disease, the woman’s daughter did not manage to consult with several inheritance law firms. Instead, she was forced to work with an asset protection attorney who previously did not know her mother, family dynamics, or how she intended to distribute heritable assets.

The credit union closed the property planning department due to budget cuts. The daughter was not informed of this and only found that she no longer had a lawyer by inheritance after the death of her mother. This created chaos for the daughter, who was appointed executor of the inheritance. To make matters worse, the estate manager lived in a different state. She was forced to find a new inheritance lawyer only a few days before returning home. During his meeting, the man did not show interest in his mother’s property and could not give advice on how to protect his mother’s will, which would be challenged by his inherited son.

Fortunately, she was well versed in estate planning and took steps to protect assets. Since the rest of the property was small, the Administrator was able to avoid the succession and liquidate the property of his mother within a few months. This shows that things can go terribly wrong when estate planning is delayed until a person has an incurable disease.


This is important when the last will and testament is fulfilled, and assets are distributed among dysfunctional families. When real estate planning is carried out in the last stages of life, heirs without inheritance can challenge the will, stating that the deceased was not mine or was influenced by the conviction of another. When wills are disputed, properties can be suspended in a row for months or years and potentially bankrupt the estate.