Home Security Cameras 101: Pick The Best Brand

Home Security Cameras 101: Pick The Best Brand

Security is what you need when you are not around the house all the time. You are busy at work and worried if how’s your home going. Is there anyone sneaking at your windows? Are your belongings safe without you around the house? Well, this is no longer a problem today. Technology is getting more advanced in which anyone can monitor the home even they are not around. You are at work but, still, you are monitoring the house at the same time. How can that be possible? Well, the introduction of home security cameras made that possible for you.

Which brand is the best?

The brand matters the most when seeking for a guaranteed home security camera. Giving protection of every corner in the house is your objective, which you expect to get from the security camera. Now, you are seeking for a good brand but end up puzzled on which one is the best. You are seeing them all at an exquisite appearance, light-weight and durable. But, you never know how it gives an excellent performance unless you are already using it. Try to have a comparison of Ring vs Arlo, and decide which one to buy.


The Ring is known as the spotlight camera. It is one of the best smart home security cameras in the new generation. What makes it an excellent choice for security cameras? The Ring video doorbells camera makes it a 2-in-1 package camera. You would get interested as to how it was built and created. The camera has a 1080p camera resolution that gives a high-definition lens with a spotlight. So, anyone who faced at the camera and caught by the lens, probably a spotlight blinks on you. The Ring as the same look of the Video Doorbell and mounted with a camera. Download the Ring App and do the setup, find out this here.


Arlo is the best and newest wireless home security devices that come out in the market. The brand has two models that are recently gaining a big name in the electronics industry. These are the two newest models of Arlo: Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2. Arlo Pro has 720p resolution while Arlo Pro 2 has a 1080p camera resolution. Both models have a facial recognition feature that makes it an ideal purchase. Arlo is suitable for indoor and outdoor security cameras. The entire home with Arlo indoor cameras gives complete coverage inside the house. Seeing the camera, you will get amazed by its elegance and sophisticated interface.

Both brands of smart home security cameras are excellent devices to help keep your home safe. As a customer, you have all the right pick which you think is best for you.