How Yanagiba knife helps in preparing sashimi

Cooking sashimi and sushi is really a hard and challenging task. To prepare this we need to use sliced fish or meat. Those slices should be smooth, sharp and shiny even when viewed through microscope. To get a smooth slice of fish and meat, you can accomplish it with special knife called Yanagiba. This Yanagiba is a special kind of Japanese knife specially designed to slice fish and meat. Sashimi knife is made of high carbon steel instead of stainless steel. Since it is made of carbon steel, it is prone to rust even though it is of good quality.


When you have to prepare sashimi, ingredient for the dish includes fish fillet and slice. Those slices should be smooth and shiny with precision to make the delicious dish to look and taste wonderful. For this smooth cutting, Japanese people use special kind of knife that is capable of attaining sharper edge in meat. Sashimi knife is designed with single beveled edge that is durable and competent. Since narrow blade results in best precision, they are capable of making fish slices and fillets. This knife is not just for slicing fish, it can also be used for chopping vegetables and carve the roast dinner. There are various manufacturing companies with different compatibility. Thus, Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife is one among those manufacturing. These knives are balanced when holding. This is designed with stylish patterned blade. Knife is traditionally designed longer and sharper.

When you wish you buy a knife for kitchen use, this can fit as perfect one. According to its view, it is called as willow leaf blade used to trim fillets or slices. This is an asymmetric blade with the length of 270 mm and single edged. Typically knife is designed for right handed user. Since this is honed only on one side, left handed people need to specially order for their usage. It is forged traditionally in multiple layers with inner core made of strong carbon steel and outer core made of hard iron steel. Have sashimi knife in kitchen to cook delicious sashimi dish.

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