Different types of Sofa beds alternatives available in the market

Different types of Sofa beds alternatives available in the market

Ergonomics is believed to have the potential to change the world for its betterment. Ergonomics is also applied to furniture to reduce space covered by it and its weight which makes it very difficult to be called movable.There are plenty of options available in the market for convertible sofa beds and guide books to make the living room livelier by following simple futon instructions mentioned in the book. Sofa beds come In many variations, here are some of the best alternatives available in the market:

The sleepover sofa looks like a normal sofa but hiding a foldable couch inside which can be pulled out with the force of one finger and folded back with again force of one finger. The size of the foldable couch attached to the sleepover sofa is nearly similar to a queen-size bed.

Futon sofa beds                                                                                                                                                            a traditional Japanese foldable mattress, which is developed according to the modern needs. Works as a bed when demanded and rest of the time serves as a sofa. The best part about futon instructions is they can be folded and stored in a cupboard if required.

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Mechanized sofa beds                                                                                                                                                         These are advanced versions of sleepover sofa, which comes with a motor-operated via a remote control used to open the couch without manual efforts. This feature is best for individuals with spinal injury or back-related issues.

Day-bed sofa beds                                                                                                                             This movable and comfortable sofa bed comes with a metallic or wooden styled back and side frames, easy to move, can be converted into a couch in few seconds by just pulling the seating cushion from below and it will turn into a mattress good enough to fit two people.